The Eyes Have It

I get asked frequently where I have my brows and lashes done. My lash extensions are the work of my amazing lash artist, Claudia, at EyeSalons in Greensboro. When it comes to my brows, I do them myself 😉

Aside from an occasional touch up by my hairdresser, I do the waxing, tweezing, and trimming at home. Waxing your own brows takes some practice and I don’t recommend unless you have a steady hand. I also don’t recommend waxing your brows, or anything else for that matter, when you’ve been drinking wine… just trust me on that one.

If you don’t care to do the upkeep on your own, brow waxing services are relatively inexpensive and can be maintained for weeks with a little tweezing (which I like to do on a sunny day in my car – natural light shows everything!)

As for filling them in, I use Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Blonde. Bobbi Brown also has brow kits which come with a mini set of tweezers and an awesome short handled, stiff brow brush but I don’t use both colors so I find it more cost effective to go with the shadow. However, it’s worth purchasing once just to get the tweezers and the brush 😉 Their products are a little pricy but last and work great.

Finally, use a spoolie to brush your brows into shape and blend the powder. Voila! I’ve included links for all products below. It’s rare to find Bobbi Brown on sale but I did manage to find free shipping and returns with purchase. I’ve also included links to dual ended brow brushes at two different price points.

Bobbi Brown Shadow

Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

NYX Dual Brow Brush

Benefit Angled Brush & Spoolie

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