How To Simplify Decorating Your Home

I recently attended a Design Crew Workshop at West Elm Greensboro and couldn’t believe I hadn’t visited this store before now. One of my girlfriends told me about the workshop and invited me along. The workshop was free and offered so many tips and tricks to help simplify the process. At the workshop, we learned some basic tips for decorating the home including how to decorate a bookshelf, a wall and choose paint colors.

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Looking For Inspiration

Speaking of paint colors, Sherwin-Williams has this super cool app called ColorSnap Visualizer that lets you “try on” different colors in real time while standing in a three-dimensional room space! You can download the app for free from Apple and Google app stores.

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For those of us who like a little help when it comes to this kind of stuff 🙋🏻‍♀️, West Elm Design Lab offers design and installation services for a nominal fee! Some of their installation services include painting a 12×12 room, installing blinds or shades, hanging a gallery wall, and much more!

I think one of my biggest takeaways was the Rule Of 3. This interior design “guideline” will transform your space and make it much more visually appealing. We had the opportunity to put this skill to the test within the various “rooms” at West Elm using their huge assortment of home accessories. Pay attention to the photos below and you’ll see that the designers at West Elm use this rule throughout the store.

If you’ve been inspired or maybe you’re already planning on redecorating your home, make sure to visit their showroom for your home decorating needs – the staff is amazing and can help you find just what you’re looking for! 🛋⚱️🌺🖼 Don’t forget to follow their Facebook Page for plenty of style inspiration and to be the first to know about upcoming sales and future events.