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Hair One Day Gone The Next

Are you losing handfuls of hair when you brush, wash, or simply run your fingers through it? Is it so thin that you’re having to get creative when styling to cover “bald” spots? This was my reality over the past year.

I was very self-conscious not only because of how my hair was starting to look but because I had to be very cognizant when doing every day things. When I’d go to dinner with friends I had to be very careful that my hair didn’t fall into someone’s food – to be safe I often wore my hair in a chignon. When getting a facial or massage there would be hair everywhere when I got up to leave – not just a couple of pieces but many. It literally fell out everywhere, all day, and I would leave a trail of it behind wherever I went. In my “before” photo my hair was dry, brittle, and so thin that I was using root cover up in my part and various other places to conceal the thinning. I remember I cropped the photo because it was so obvious!

Thankfully, I found a cost effective solution that gave me healthy hair again in just over 3 months!! The product is Viviscal Advanced Hair Health and it cost less than $40! This stuff literally saved me from losing my hair and spending crazy amounts of money on other costly solutions. My doctor had recommended it late last year and I wish I had followed her advice sooner!

Viviscal 60 Tablets

I’ve been using it for nearly 4 months now and can’t believe the difference! My hair is noticeably healthier, softer and longer and I have visible new growth 😃 Their product is 💯 percent drug-free and scientifically formulated with their exclusive marine complex AminoMar which nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing healthy hair growth. They even have products for men! I plan to continue using for a few more months. For reference, I take it twice per day as directed. It’s worth noting that I’ve had it cut once since the before and after photos were taken.

I’ve found it locally at Target and Ulta or you can shop directly from their website here>>>