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I Gave Magnetic Lashes A Try and Here’s My Thoughts….

I received my Moxie Lash Starter Kit in the mail last week – two days earlier that expected! 😊 I finally had a chance to try them out and wore them all day (about 9 hours) with no problems.

I purchased the starter kit which comes with two sets of lashes, Baby and Sassy, mini liquid magnetic eyeliner, and MoxieLash makeup remover. The Baby Lashes are supposed to be a more natural look with the Sassy Lashes providing a bit of drama. Since I wasn’t planning to go anywhere I decided to give the Baby lashes a try.

What I was reminded of really quickly is how terrible I am at applying liquid liner on my own eyes – especially the right eye for some reason 😂 Luckily that’s not a dealbreaker with these lashes since they literally sit on top of the liner. However, you do need to have a relatively straight, thin to medium line to place them on. With that being said, don’t go trying to get all fancy and wing your liner if you’re out of practice 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m sure with time I’ll get better with the liner application.

When applying the liner, I highly suggest you do one eye at a time. It takes about 3-4 minutes to dry completely and I had to keep my eyes closed until dry to keep the liner from transferring to my upper lids. I used a piece of paper to fan them with to speed up the process.

Once the liner is dry, you simply place the lashes on top of the liner and BAM – you’ve got lashes for days! I will say they were longer than I expected but they really make your eyes pop ✨ Removal was easy-peasy…gently remove the lashes, starting at the outer corner, place back in their box, then remove liner with their makeup remover or any oil-based remover.

I purposely didn’t wear any eye makeup in these pics so you could best see the actual results. Overall, I’m really impressed and can’t wait to wear them with my face fully made.

The starter kit runs $89 but they run specials regularly. I actually got mine for $79. Each set of lashes can be worn up to 30 times. I think I’ll be giving lash extensions a break for a while now that I have these in my beauty arsenal 😉