To Thine Own Self Be True

I ran across this photo of Marilyn Monroe on my Facebook timeline this morning with the caption: “This is Marilyn Monroe. I love how shes showing some “rolls”
Shes still beautiful and sexy.
Gives u a new perspective”.


I love this because it’s a true depiction of what a 5’5”, 120 lb., size 6/8 woman looks like – before Photoshop, filters, and social media changed our perception. Newsflash – we all have “rolls” to some extent when we sit down 😮 Yes, even smaller size women.

After seeing this photo, I decided to read up on vanity sizing and ran across a cool article (see below). Did you know that a 1962 size 14 is what we now consider a size 6/8? I say “around” because clothing manufacturers sizing now varies so much from brand to brand in an effort to cater to their customers vanity. There’s an interesting size chart in the article that demonstrates this. There are other cool tidbits, as well. Did you know Marilyn lifted weights? 💪🏻 The article, Marilyn Monroe’s True Size , sheds some light on how sizing has changed over the years.

Don’t base your value on the size/tag in your clothes. And don’t be so hard on yourself – none of us are perfect although social media tells us otherwise. Join the discussion on my Facebook Page.