Who Likes Paying Full-Price?

If you had the choice of paying retail price for new clothes and/or accessories or saving up to 90% off retail on gently-used, sometimes never worn name brand & designer clothes and accessories, which would you choose? If you said “Yes” to 90% off and are okay with new-to-you, stylish clothes, shoes and accessories then let me introduce you to Style Encore. I’m sure many of you already shop here or have at least heard of them, but for those of you who may not be aware, I feel it’s my civic duty to let you know!

If you like saving money or are on a budget AND want to keep your wardrobe “fresh”, this is the place to go. It’s my go-to when I’m looking for something in particular but don’t want to drop a lot of $$$. Everything is neatly organized by style, color and size so it’s very easy to shop. Plus, they have a great mix of name brand (White House Black Market, Loft, Limited, etc.) and designer (Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade,etc.) clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from.

Recently I purchased a beautiful pair of filigree earrings for $5 when I found myself in a pinch just two hours before a big event. Nothing like having the perfect dress and shoes only to realize you forgot the earrings!! I’ve since worn them several times to work and out on the town.

Yesterday I went in looking specifically for a dress for an upcoming event. I didn’t find “the” dress BUT I did find a gorgeous White House Black Market jacket that would normally retail upwards of $100 for just $19!! Because it’s one of those pieces that I will wear over and over, I went ahead and bought it rather than regret not buying it later. Then I inquired about a cute clutch I had seen a couple of weeks ago with the off-chance that it still might be available. Guess what?? It was AND it had been moved to clearance!! What I would have paid $11 for two weeks ago I took home for $5. Yep, yesterday was a good day.

So…. if you want to update your wardrobe on the cheap, head over to your local Style Encore OR if you have new or gently-used, current style clothing that you no longer want or need they’ll pay cash on the spot if it fits their current needs -learn more here: About Selling To Style Encore