I Have Nothing To Wear!!


How many times have you found yourself standing in front of your closet thinking to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!” Meanwhile, there’s a closet full of clothes staring back at you. This happens to me daily. Basically, every time I have somewhere to be I am faced with the dilemma of what to wear. And each time I find myself gravitating to the same five or so outfits.

I was sick and tired of the daily struggle but couldn’t justify buying any more clothes when I had a closet full of them. So, I decided to take inventory of my closet this past weekend. First, I pulled out every piece of clothing that I hadn’t worn in a year or more. The pieces I knew I would never wear again went directly into the Goodwill pile. Next, I began trying on the remaining items one one by one. If it was too small or too large to be taken in, it went to Goodwill. However, I did hold onto a few key pieces; I’ve learned the hard way to always keep a few items, primarily pants, a size smaller and a size larger so you’ll always have clothes that fit well if you gain or lose a few pounds.

There were a few items I completely forgot I had that were buried behind clothes that were taking up prime real estate in my closet. I found a cute dress that my sister gave me about three years ago. It’s really cute but I never wear it because I feel like it washes me out. I paired it with my jean jacket and some gold jewelry and now I have a cute outfit that will take me from day to night. It will look really cute with some pink heels and a colorful bag, which I can justify buying now that I’ve let some stuff go.

Then there’s the denim pencil skirt I found that fits like a dream! Paired it with a shimmery tank top, hoop earrings, silver bangle bracelets and heels for a subtle, sexy look for my next night out! The tank top is a bit too sheer for the office, but just about any blouse I have will go nicely for a wear-to-work look.

Finally, I found a skirt that I really liked but never wear because I just didn’t care for the style. I held onto it and plan to take it to my tailor to see if it can be re-purposed into a pencil skirt. If so, that will run me about $15. You can’t buy a quality skirt for that unless you get lucky and find one on sale.

It took me about an hour to sort through everything and reorganize my closet. Now I have a much better idea of what I own and realized I actually DO have clothes to wear – at least a few more than what I thought I did.  I’ll sort through my dresser soon where I’m sure to find a few long forgotten items and another bag full of clothes that I can donate so someone who can use them. There are so many organizations that can use the clothes you no longer want or need. Remember your local church, Goodwill, Rescue Mission, Dress For Success, or other charitable organization when giving.