That Time I Accidentally Signed Up For A Boot Camp Class

Recently, they offered a class at my gym called “Buns and Guns”. Since I’ve been wanting more definition in my arms, abs and glutes, I quickly went to the front desk to sign up. This was a one hour class held twice per week for six weeks, led by a personal trainer. Other than verifying that none of the workouts would be held outside (cause I don’t do anything outside in this heat & humidity unless there’s a pool close by), the only other question I had was what the cost was to join.

The first couple of weeks were tough but manageable – pretty much what I had expected. There were five other ladies that had signed up with me so we became each others support system. However, when week three rolled around shit got real, lol! I thought maybe I’m just tired and that’s why this seems more difficult – it had been a busy week at work plus I was taking several other classes in addition to this one.

Week four rolled around and we were down to just four of us – we lost one person the first week and the other in week three. By this time, I had experienced an episode where I almost puked and another where I just laid on the floor thinking “what the hell have I got myself into”. I was so exhausted I couldn’t move and had to he helped up off the floor. I wanted to quit so many times but my pride and the fact that I paid $119 for this s*** kept me going.

The last week we were pushed to our limits. But something unexpected happened – although I dreaded what was in store for both nights, part of me was sad the class was coming to an end. I was so proud at how far I had come and the things I could do. For instance, when I started the class, I could barely do a push-up. I’ve always done modified push-ups but now I was doing traditional push-ups. One night in particular we did 80. Yes, 80. I was also doing burpees – not half burpees but standard burpees. I really, really hate burpees but I learned quickly not to say that out loud unless I wanted to earn a “bonus round”. Unfortunately for me, sarcasm also earns “bonus rounds”. Let’s just say I learned early on to keep my smart ass comments to myself.

After all was said and done, I made it through and I’m better for it. I do see more definition in my arms, my core is much stronger and my glutes and hamstrings are more defined. I’m also able to lift heavier than I could when I first started. I still have work to do but I’m a lot closer to my goal than I was before I started the class. However, the best part about this class wasn’t the physical change but the mental. I pushed myself to my limits and did things I never thought possible. A large part of successfully completing this class simply came down to mind over matter. You will be surprised at what you’re capable of if you put your mind to it.

I’m also thankful for the new friendships I made. We encouraged and helped each other through a really tough six weeks and I can’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been if we hadn’t had each other there for motivation. Would I take the class again if I knew what I was signing up for? Believe it or not, the answer is yes.