That Was Fun Until It Wasn’t

For the past year I’ve had one foot in and one foot off the Paleo wagon. Let me just say it was nice enjoying some of the things I hadn’t had in almost two years… like cheese on my salad, plain ‘ole bread on my sandwich (the kind made WITH gluten that doesn’t fall apart on you 😂), french fries, and wine – just to name a few.

Well, all that fun stuff threw my thyroid out of whack and I’ve not felt “good” ever since. A couple weeks ago I decided to get my 💩 together and cleaned up my act. A solid two weeks in and I feel sooooo much better!

I’m not suggesting that you go Paleo or on some kind of restrictive diet – I eat this way due to food sensitivities and because my doctor suggested it. However, I am challenging you to try eliminating some things that could be holding you back from feeling your very best or reaching your health and wellness goals. Sugar is the 😈– the less you have in your diet the better, eat more fresh fruits and veggies instead of packaged food and trade that glass of wine for a vodka and tonic 😉 Little changes can make a big difference!

This vegan 🌱protein shake made with almond milk and blueberries is a delicious, healthy way to start the day and is packed with vitamins and minerals! Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring – just takes a little more thought and a few minutes of your day to plan / meal prep. Contrary to popular belief, it also doesn’t have to be expensive. If you cook in bulk and store your meals for the week in the fridge or freezer you ensure you always have a healthy meal on hand and save money on eating out.

The shake mix I use, Fit Food Lean, is available only at a registered practitioner’s office. However, I found this Naturade Vegan Shake at Lowes Foods and it’s also available at various online retailers. I buy this one when it’s not convenient for me to get by my doctor’s office – just as good and about the same price.