How Integrative Medicine Changed My Life

Recently I ran into one of the executives in my company that I hadn’t seen in over a year. I had referred his wife and daughter to the integrative health practice I go to in Winston-Salem about 2 years ago after he told me about some health issues they were having. He was ecstatic when he began telling me about how well they were doing and said they still make the 100+ mile trek to Winston-Salem every few months for their appointments! Then he thanked me profusely and said “Share your story with everyone who will listen.”

I enjoy sharing my experiences, providing advice, and offering words of encouragement in an effort to inspire others but sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a wall. Then random things like this happen and I realize that what I’m doing IS making a difference.

So, for those of you that don’t know my story, here it is:

For several years I had been experiencing debilitating body aches & pains (fibromyalgia), brain fog, depression, was sick all the time and couldn’t lose weight even though I was “eating healthy” and teaching Zumba classes 3-4 times per week. My doctors were perplexed and sent me for various MRI’s, CT scans, and EEG’s; I was even tested for Lupus and MS – all came back negative. One doctor even had the audacity to tell me that it was “all in my head” and referred me to a psychiatrist!!

Then one day I was on the phone at work with one of the doctors, was beyond frustrated and on the verge of losing my 💩 when a girl who had just started with our company overheard my conversation, shared her story with me and introduced me to integrative health. I like to think of this as divine intervention 🙏

I immediately made an appointment at Robinhood Integrative Health and it changed my life. They did a food sensitivity and thyroid test on my initial appointment and found that there were several foods that were causing severe inflammation (ie, the cause of all those aches, pains, sickness and depression) and diagnosed me with hypothyroidism – something that my primary care physician and an endocrinologist both missed.

Well, that was over three years ago and I feel and look better than I ever have. The saying “food is thy medicine” is  and I encourage you to consider visiting an integrative health specialist or trying a food elimination diet if you’ve experienced any of these health problems – you may be pleasantly surprised. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like more info.